Digital Cards Trade List/Want List/Set Reference

Digital Cards Trade List/Want List/Set Reference

Finally decided to start getting this together. Have not done the other apps yet, but there is a fairly up-to-date Bunt list here now. If you have any questions, please email or find @INEEDNEWHOBBIES on the Topps Digital apps.

Topps Bunt:

Stuff I’m Really, Really Looking Hard For Right Now (I will trade basically anything that doesn’t destroy my collection or set me back heavily on goals I have within this silly little hobby):

2014 Mark Buehrle VIP 14 Legendary (1) (its owner is never going to part with it)
2020 Mark Buehrle Limited & Definitive Legends Iconic (56)
2020 Mark Buehrle Archives Series 1 Fan Favorites Gold Signature Iconic (89)
2021 Dontrelle Willis Tenacity Series 1 Fire Signature Legendary (39)
2021 Dontrelle Willis Gold Label Series 1 Gold Framed Signature Iconic (139)
2021 Dontrelle Willis 1986 Series 2 Chrome Signature Iconic (150)
2016 Teddy Higuera Retired Archives Wave 1 Signature Super Rare (100)
2017 Teddy Higuera Base Tier 7 Silver Award (196)
2017 Mike Scott Archives Wave 1 Signature Rare (292)

Stuff I Don’t Want:

Now that we’ve got the super high priority stuff out of the way, let’s spend some time on this, as weird as it feels to spend a bunch of time on the negative, because if you don’t, then people make you the same 8 trade very bad offers over and over again. I make tons of trades, involving literal thousands of cards (I’m pretty sure I just finished a 1000 card-plus base card trade with someone recently), with a lot of very happy traders, but I also don’t care for people who try to pull fast ones, or who vastly overestimate the worth of their cards and/or disparage the worth of mine. Sometimes, that’s just a matter of being new at this stuff, and not knowing how it all works, so in the interest of helping out the newcomers with that…

1. I really don’t want to break up complete sets. Any of them. Not some common insert set, not my base sets, and certainly not my 2015 1986 Reissue Set, all 586 Rare cards’ worth of it, all of which I put together without spending a dime. If a set even looks close to complete, don’t ask for singles from it. Try not to ask other people to break up sets, either. I’m not always 100% perfect on that, but I do try.

2. I don’t want to trade any base cards above Tier 5 (Gold, usually) unless you’re trading me one-up for an equal tier base card of a player I collect around the same card count or at least a Rare insert, most likely a higher card count Super Rare. In my head canon, a current year Tier 4’s worth about a common insert and Tier 5 is worth an uncommon (those trades have worked for me all season long), so do the math accordingly on stuff above current-year Tier 5, and pad it a little bit if it’s more than 2 years old. I still don’t have any cards that are considered to be above Tier 7 in the modern sense, but yes, I absolutely expect lower count Super Rares or higher count Iconics for my Tier 7s, especially the older ones. If you think I’m bananas, then please go ahead and find someone else who actually knows what they’re doing and will still trade you those cards.

3. I’m not a team collector, unless the Brooklyn (but not Los Angeles) Dodgers or Seattle Pilots count (and I’m not chasing Pilots on Bunt). Don’t assume that I want all your Blue Jays because I’ve got a lot of Vlad Jr. stuff and an avatar of his uniform number (and don’t make me change it; I like the kid a lot), and don’t assume that, because I have a bunch of Yankees, I’m a modern Yankee fan, as I haven’t been since they moved into that mall they call a stadium in 2009. I collect and follow individual players. There’s a big list of who they are below.

4. Try not to give me “projects” with your trade offers, unless I specifically ask you for them, and/or you’re giving me other things I want or need. I don’t care how hard to get something is, if I don’t like or want it, then you’re just giving me a chore. Outside of relatively rare cases where I have to make a shot-in-the-dark offer because some stuff’s impossible to get otherwise, I don’t do that to other people. Don’t do it to me.

5. There’s a brand whose initials are GQ. Don’t try to trade me those cards. Topps uses a brand name with an ethnic slur in it. Yes, I still have a few. I’m trying to trade them away, and not getting any more new ones. No, Topps doesn’t care, and have, in fact, deleted a post I made in the trade feed mentioning the racism of the name. No, I don’t know why any of us still deal with Topps, either, aside from that the company eventually replacing them may be even more racist.

6. I don’t want anything from those 2021 Postseason Rewind packs, Postseason cards in general (World Series or otherwise), Hit For The Cycle cards, 2021’s Halloween cards (nowhere near as good as 2020’s), and so forth, unless I ask you for them. (And, yes, sometimes I will. There are a few Rare Rewind cards on my want list right now, because I came into a near-complete set.) I also don’t want horizontal cards, unless I ask you for them. I don’t care who “signed” them. If I want one, I will ask, but for the most part, they just don’t display well. I don’t like ’em, as a rule. If you want any of mine, I can probably hook you up unless it’s part of a player collection, but even then, if you can find me a better card of that player, I’ll take it.

7. If I say that a deal can’t be worked out, don’t push. I don’t have any 1 of 1s of your favorite players, and unless the guy who has the 1 of 1 Mark Buehrle ever throws his hands up and gives it to me (I’ve finally stopped busting his chops about it after going on for longer than I think was appropriate, sorry, guy), it’s unlikely that I ever will. There’s literally no individual card that I have that you can’t get elsewhere, and lots of people have much bigger and better collections than I do. Ask them. Don’t keep asking me, unless you’re bringing something new and relevant to my interests to the table. Also, if I say that I’d like a conversation to be over in a trade window (and if you hear something like “run along now” from me, that should tell you that I’m done), you should respect that, or you’re going to have a report on your record with Topps. Seriously, I will be super cool if treated with respect, but do not push me, or I will use whatever proper resources I have available to protect myself from you.

8. I have a lot listed on my want list. This doesn’t mean I can afford to get all or even most of it from you right now, or that every part of it holds equal priority for me in a particular moment (this also holds true for physical collectibles, as well). If I say no to you on a totally reasonable trade for something that I happen to have on my want list, I could have other plans in mind.

9. As a rule, where these things are concerned, though I may give you one if I feel like it’s important, I don’t owe you or anyone else an explanation as to why I’ve declined an offer you’ve made me, or why I’ve made you an offer I’ve made in a particular way, and it’s understood that you don’t owe me an explanation, either, though occasionally I may ask for more clarification as to why you decided a certain thing, in the hopes of possibly getting a different deal done with you. “No.” is a complete sentence, and one that people should both hear more often and learn to respect a little better.

10. Finally, even if you’re somehow outraged that I think my cards have value (relative to any of this stuff having value) despite many, many other happy traders doing business with me at or around my usual asking prices, feel free complain to your other friends on the Topps apps, sit on your Discord server and talk about how I’m unreasonable, do whatever else that doesn’t directly involve me, but please don’t sit in the comments on the trade we tried to get done and be abusive, complain, try to make fun of me, or whatever it is you think you can do to people. As I alluded to above, it’s not going to end well for you.

Now, for the actual fun part…

Stuff I Do Want:

2012 White Base (351 left)
2013 White Base (212 left)
2013 Postseason (113 left)
2013 Update (79 left)
2013 A’s 100 Club (4 left)
2014 Green Base (70 left)
2014 Red Base (299 left)
2015 White Base (2 left)
2015 Green Base (14 left)
2015 Red Base (21 left)
2015 Arcade Purple Rare/Uncommon (7 left)
2015 From The Vault (11 left)
2015 Yankee Old Timer’s Day (8 left)
2016 Red Base (19 left)
2017 Green Base (60 left)
2017 Red Base (134 left)
2017 Fan’s Choice (17 plus Ken Griffey Jr. award left)
2018 Red Base (161 left)
2019 Heritage Flashbacks Common (Bob Gibson, Al Kaline, Tom Seaver and Bert Blyleven awards left)
2019 Players Weekend Common (Javier Baez award left)
2019 The Family Business Common (Vladimir Guerrero Jr. award left)
2020 Canada Day (Soroka, Pivetta and Vlad left)
2020 Jackie Robinson Day Sketch (static left)
2020 Mystic Series 1 Uncommon (3 plus Matt Chapman award left)
2020 Physical Base Jackie Robinson Uncommon (posing left)
2020 Super Baseball Series 3 Uncommon (13 plus Anthony Rendon award left)
2021 Free Pack Friday Series 4 Uncommon (active)
2021 Heritage 1972 Disco Rare (30 plus Steve Carlton, Rod Carew, Rollie Fingers, Joe Morgan, and Lou Brock awards left)
2021 Heritage Flashbacks Uncommon (Willie McCovey and Roberto Clemente awards left)
2021 Heritage In Action Uncommon (Luis Robert and Juan Soto awards left)
2021 Heritage New Age Performers Uncommon (Dylan Carlson and Alex Bohm awards left)
2021 Hot Starts Uncommon (Fernando Tatis Jr. award left)
2021 In The Name Uncommon (Nick Madrigal award left)
2021 Mashed Rare (10 plus Vladimir Guerrero Jr. award left)
2021 Mystic Uncommon Turf Base (J.D. Martinez award left)
2021 Postseason Performance Signature Rare (Eric Hosmer and Kyle Hendricks left)
2021 Pristine Uncommon (Christian Yelich award left)
2021 Retro Rare Series 1 and 2 (8 plus Dave Parker and Eddie Murray awards left)
2021 Star Studded Team Color Rare (Gerrit Cole and Shohei Ohtani awards left)
2021 Star Studded Gold Super Rare (16 plus Gerrit Cole and Shohei Ohtani awards left)
2021 Translucent Uncommon (Shohei Ohtani award left)
2021 Vitality Uncommon (Aaron Nola award left)

Completed Sets (Don’t Touch, Don’t Make Offers On, Etc.):


White Base
Men of Action


1986 Reissue (regular and box topper)
Baseball History
Heart of the Order
Pennant Chase
Postseason White Base
Postseason Green Base
Postseason Red Base
Team Spirit
Welcome to Bunt
Yogi Berra Petition (looks like Old Timer’s Day)


White Base
Green Base
Derek Jeter (looks like his rookie card)
Equipment Blue
Equipment Gold
Equipment Orange
Equipment Silver
Equipment Purple
Equipment Teal
Equipment Black
Team Spirit


White Base
All-Star MVPs
Home Run Derby Variant
Level Up


White Base
Green Base
Welcome To Bunt ’18


White Base
Green Base
Red Base
Ichiro Farewell
Welcome to Bunt ’19


White Base
Green Base
Red Base
Blue Base
Gold Base
30 Teams in 30 Days Uncommon Longest Home Runs Silver
30 Teams in 30 Days Uncommon Best Defensive Plays Silver
AL Stars
Allen & Ginter Common
Allen & Ginter Longball Lore Series 1 Uncommon
Award Winners Free Uncommon
Big League Defensive Wizards Common
Big League Flipping Out Common
Big League Baseball Roll Call Common
Birthday Cards Corey Seager
Bowman Common
Bowman’s Best Common
Chrome Black Common
Decades’ Best Common
Deco Uncommon
Derek Jeter Captain’s Crew Base
Derek Jeter Core Four Base
Derek Jeter Topps Original Base
Derek Jeter Turn Two Base
Diamond Plate Series 1 Uncommon
Die Cut
Easter Eggs Base
Fan’s Choice 1
Finest Common
Fire Common
Free Pack Friday 1
Gold Label Common
GQ Free Fortune Teller Base
Heritage New Age Performers
Heritage Then and Now
Heritage Bazooka
Inception Common
Jackie Robinson Day Motion
Mr. October Team Color Uncommon
Museum Collection Common
Museum Collection Purple Common
Neon Base
Neon Team Color
Neon X
NL Stars
Panels Black Base
Physical Base Series 1 (with Jackie Robinson)
Player Highlights Mike Trout Common
Player Highlights Ronald Acuna Jr. Common
Player Highlights Willie Mays Common
Pristine Team Color Base Series 1
Shielded Common Black Base
Shielded Uncommon Rainbow Base
Stadium Club Common
Super Baseball Series 1 and 2
Team Traditions
Topps 100 Base and Award
Topps Tribute Common
Topps Tribute Uncommon Purple Base Series 1
Triple Threads White Common
Triple Threads Green Common
Triple Threads Purple Common
Turkey Red Common
Universe Base
Universe Series 1 Base Relic


White Base
Green Base
Red Base
Blue Base
Gold Base
Pink Base
206 Series 4 Uncommon
500 Home Run Club Rare
1986 Common
1986 Rare
1986 Super Rare
1986 All-Stars Uncommon
1986 All-Stars Rare
1986 All-Stars Super Rare
AL Stars
Allen & Ginter Common
Allen & Ginter Uncommon
Archives Common
Bowman Common
Bowman’s Best Common
Bowman’s Best Uncommon
Celestial Uncommon
Celestial Rare
Color Splash Uncommon
Commanders Uncommon
Cyber Monday Uncommon
Eclipse Base Uncommon
Eclipse Red Relic Uncommon
Eclipse Red Autographs Super Rare
Exuberance Uncommon
Fan’s Choice Uncommon
Finest Common
Finest Uncommon
Finest Masters Uncommon
Finest Signature Uncommon
Finest Legacies Uncommon
Fire Common
Fire Uncommon
Free Pack Friday Uncommon
Gears Uncommon
Glory Silver Base
Glory Silver Majesty
Gold Label Common
Gold Label Uncommon
Granite Uncommon
Guardians Series 2 Uncommon
Hall of Fame Uncommon
Hall of Fame Signature Base Rare
Halloween Base Uncommon
Heritage Common
Heritage Then & Now Uncommon
Hit For The Cycle Series 7 Shohei Ohtani Uncommon
Hit For The Cycle Series 7 Shohei Ohtani Rare
Ignition Uncommon
Inception Common
Inception Black Uncommon
Lou Gehrig Day
Mashed Uncommon
Museum Collection Common
Museum Collection Canvas Collection Common
Museum Collection Uncommon
Neon Uncommon
Neon X Uncommon
NL Stars
Parchment Uncommon
Physical Base (White) Uncommon
Platinum Uncommon
Platinum Performers Team Color Uncommon
Platinum Players Series 3-4 Uncommon
Platinum Players Series 3-4 Rare
Postseason Base Uncommon
Postseason Rewind Uncommon
Postseason Rewind World Series Champion Signature Rare
Postseason Rewind World Series Champion Relic Uncommon
Pristine White Die-Cut
Prize Ticket
Retro Series 3-4 Rare
Showtime Wood Base Uncommon
Speedsters Uncommon
Stadium Club Uncommon
Standouts Silver Base Uncommon
Sterling Rare
Sterling Debuts Rare
St. Patrick’s Day Green Uncommon
St. Patrick’s Day Sapphire Event-Exclusive Uncommon
Team Logo die-cuts
Tenacity Uncommon Base
Top 100 Common
Topps Gallery Common
Topps Gallery Base Image Variation Mission Exclusive Uncommon
Topps Gallery of Heroes Rare
Topps Now May 24th
Topps Now August 2nd
Topps Now August 3rd
Topps Now September 11th
Topps Now September 15th
Topps Now November 4th
Topps Now November 2021-Hank Aaron Award Uncommon
Topps Now January 2022
Topps Now February 2022
Topps Now March 2022 (through March 20th)
Tribute Common
Triple Threads Common
Triple Threads Uncommon
Turkey Red Uncommon
Turkey Red Rare
Universe Uncommon

Player collections (subject to change):

Highest Priority Players:

Hank Aaron
Sandy Alcantara
Tim Anderson
Mookie Betts
Mark Buehrle
Eric Davis
Adam Dunn
Dock Ellis
Mark Fidrych
Vladimir Guerrero Sr.
Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
Rickey Henderson
Orlando Hernandez
Teddy Higuera
Catfish Hunter
Bo Jackson
Reggie Jackson
Roger Maris
Hideki Matsui
Thurman Munson
Eddie Murray
Graig Nettles
Hideo Nomo
Mike Norris
Willie Randolph
J.R. Richard
Bip Roberts
Mike Scott
Ichiro Suzuki
Fernando Valenzuela
Lou Whitaker
Bernie Williams
Ted Williams
Dontrelle Willis
Mookie Wilson
Dave Winfield

Other Retired Players:

Bobby Abreu
Dick Allen
Craig Biggio
Vida Blue
Lyman Bostock
Jim Bouton
Scott Brosius
Glenn Burke
Rick Cerone
Ron Cey
Dean Chance
Brian Cole
Bartolo Colon (Mets only)
Andre Dawson
Bucky Dent
David Denson
Brian Downing
Dwight Evans
Jose Fernandez
Cecil Fielder
Ed Figueroa
Curt Flood
Oscar Gamble
Yoandy Garlobo
Joey Gathright
Mudcat Grant
Ron Guidry
Roy Halladay
Dave Henderson
John Hiller
Tony Horton
Willie Horton
Elston Howard
Alex Johnson
Randy Johnson
Jim Kaat
Jimmy Key
Paul Konerko
John Kruk
Bill Lee
Fred Lewis
Tim Lincecum
Dr. Mike Marshall
Sam McDowell
Minnie Minoso
Justin Morneau
Don Mossi
Jamie Moyer
Buck O’Neil
John Olerud
Mike Pagliarulo
Hunter Pence
Juan Pierre
Vic Power
Mark Prior
Tim Raines
Pokey Reese
Phil Rizzuto
Frank Robinson
Ivan Rodriguez
Jack Saltzgaver
Tom Seaver
Ken Singleton
Moose Skowron
Alfonso Soriano
Jigger Statz
Luis Tiant
Bill White
Eri Yoshida

Other Active Players:

Aristides Aquino
Willians Astudillo
Jose Bautista
Yoenis Cespedes
Oneil Cruz
Zack Greinke
Felix Hernandez
Adam Jones
Cedric Mullins
David Price
Marcus Stroman