The Joy of a Completed Set


(Y’all can deal with the backs being in reverse order, because of how they’re in the pages, right? By the way, you can click on each of the pages of backs, if you’d like an easier time reading them.)

Huge, huge thanks to Stubby for his rather massive part in this.

Most of it happened over a year and a half ago, but I was planning a wedding and in poor health simultaneously (2018 really tried to kill me). I got the Gene Tunney back in September to wrap things up, but it took me almost 3 months to clear space in my life to scan everything. That’s done now.

Pretty cool set, isn’t it?

If anyone’s still working on the set, or looking to start on it, I have doubles of almost half the set (46 cards, including La Motta, Walcott, Robinson, Rocca, and Eagle), in what we’ll call “just happy to be here” shape. They are available for trade or, ideally, sale (though I’d have to price out what’s here). Drop me a line if you’re interested.

A New Feature!

Highest Priority Comic Book Set Want List (Updated 08/25/19)

Yup, finally made one of these. Have a longer, non-card want list that has everything except comics, as well, but I’m looking to get some stuff finished relatively soon here. Will happily trade cards for comics, if anyone’s interested in doing that.

On the subject of trades, though: I’m going to be largely out of commission where any new trades are concerned until the 10th of September, as I’ve got a few short trips in my future, and a trade with Bo to wrap up. Really, I should’ve waited to post this until then, but I have to do things when I have the energy to do them, and when I remember to, or they don’t get done.


I finally got in on the Utz action yesterday.

A card I wanted!

Some cards I didn’t!

These and, well, maybe a couple of others, are available for trade. (I do have a trade in progress with Bo though, so he gets first crack; UPDATE: Bo will take what’s left over, so feel free to make offers!)

As far as the rest of the Utz checklist goes, I’m looking for:

10 Adam Jones
39 Mookie Betts
45 Max Scherzer
61 David Price
83 Jose Altuve
86 Charlie Blackmon
89 Marcus Stroman

(06/17/19 Update: Thanks to Mark H. for the 3 I’ve crossed out so far.)

…and dassit. I love food issue card sets as much as the next person, but it’s a 100 card checklist of cards that are apparently indistinguishable from flagship aside from different checklist numbers and another brand logo, so unless I get a lot of, like, 90 of them somewhere, I’m out after I get my player collection guys.

This Started As A Card Site, Right?: Recent Non-Sports Pick-ups

Yes, I’ve been busy doing a bunch of other things, but cards are the space from which this site originates, so let’s cover a few, in this case some non-sports stuff.

Inching closer to finishing original Garbage Pail Kids Series 1-3 (initially, I was just gonna do 2-3, but I found near-sets of both sides of Series 1 maybe a year or so ago). These were both at a table at my town flea market last weekend, along with this CD…

Yes, it was a pretty good flea market table.

For those wondering, this is what’s left of my GPK want list now:

1985 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Series 1a (matte preferred, last update 04/02/18): 5 (regular back), 9, 33, 41

1985 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Series 1b (matte preferred, last update 04/02/18): 2, 8 (checklist back), 29 (checklist back), 41

1985 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Series 2a (last update 04/02/18): 49a, 58a, 63a, 75a

1986 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Series 3b (last update 06/10/19): 96b 104b 106b 107b 108b 112b 116b 120b 122b

If you’ve got any of these laying around, get in touch!

Yesterday, I hit my usual flea market, and turned up a couple more fun non-sports items…

Look at these mugs, punchin’ a kid. Those rats!

I’ve got the reprint set, but I’ll almost always pick up an original ’60s Batman card if I run into any, and I’ve got the dough.

“LOCKED SWORDS…huh-huh, huh-huh…”

If I’m being honest, I’m down for just about any ’60s non-sports stuff, as long as it’s within my fairly modest budget. I mean, Zorro cards don’t just show up every day…

As I get more and more frustrated with major sports leagues, the likelihood of me getting deeper into non-sports cards increases, though if I got really serious about it, there would need to be a focus and (likely) a cut-off date (as a lot of cards came out in the ’90s).

More cards (the kind with sports on ’em) coming relatively soon. I’ve got a small pile near my scanner, and I’m going to try and do smaller posts so I don’t kill y’all with my usual 40-different-card monster posts.