New Version of the Card Want List

Dig this.

While working on a deal with Nick, we were talking briefly about how tough it was to assess what I prioritize and value by looking at my card want list, so I had a look at the most recent version of it, and while I saved that version (and it’s still probably linked to all over this site, but there’s a pointer link to the new list on the old one now), I ended up cutting off 27 pages of wants for the new version of the list (version 6.0), and it is now linked to in most of the important places like the menus here, as well.

I think it reads much better, with all of the sets by all of the companies in one place, and no more confusion about higher/lower priority sets. If you see it here, it’s higher priority. I may re-add stuff from the previous list over time as I review it a bit more, but for now, this’ll do.

And yes, I’m actually back to trading at the moment, with long-in-gestation packages out to Madding at Cards on Cards and Bru this week, and a few other things in the works. Uncle Doc, if you see this, please get ahold of me about a trade we were sorta thinking about doing a year or two ago, as we were communicating near-exclusively through Twitter DMs, and I don’t do that anymore.

If you’ve been actively looking through my want list recently, or haven’t looked in a while (particularly if trying to look at the old list made you completely tune out), please give this thing a look, and let me know what you think of the new version!

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