New Year, Figuring Some Stuff Out


I hope that your holidays and non-holidays went well, or if they didn’t, I hope you’re on the mend from them.

There’s nothing specific that I’m going to be writing about here today, but rather, I wanted to check in and see what subjects y’all would like to see me write about here, moving forward.

This site was born out of the wreckage of a trading card site, and I’ll certainly continue to be writing about cards as things come up (though admittedly, new product from both the physical and digital card worlds left me seriously uninspired in 2017, and I bought and acquired very little of it).

I also like writing about all 14,378,112 of my other hobbies, as well, but I’m finding that, as I have other websites (one of which being one that I’m starting to be more active on, but it’s also one I’ve consciously avoided directly connecting to this site, because I wanted some boundaries in my life), some of those subjects feel more organic elsewhere. My music listening, for instance, feels more like it belongs on my personal site than this site, just because I think to write about music there more freely and easily, so that’ll probably live over there moving forward, and those of you who want to read about it will have to read personal life stuff and occasional politics stuff and other weird, quasi-vulgar things about potato salad, too, things that I consciously do not put on this site about hobbies (though my very basic cooking adventures are becoming a bit of a hobby, admittedly).

The following other subjects, aside from the aforementioned ones (music and trading cards of either the physical or digital variety), have been covered since I launched this site, and I’m definitely curious as to which ones people would really like to see stay here:

Flea Market Trips
Tabletop Games
Comic Books
Fantasy Baseball
Video Games

These don’t include the following, which I name in my “About” section…

Musical Instruments
The Internet

…or do they include a bunch of others that I’ve never discussed here, but which I’m too tired to list all of right this second. (Recovering from a pretty nasty flu at the moment, after all. It’s taken me a few days to feel healthy enough to string together sentences at even this primitive level, but I’m getting there now.)

I take at least a passing interest in a lot of different things. Mostly, in talking about all of this here and now, I’m trying to feel you all out on which of these things you’d most like to hear more from me about. Input’s welcome and appreciated as long as it’s kind.

Aside from “a more active one”, hopefully, what sort of site would you like this to be?

6 thoughts on “New Year, Figuring Some Stuff Out”

  1. Personally speaking, I would like you to Just keep doing what you’ve been doing! It worked well so far, and is fun to read, so why change it?

    1. My plan is to do as much of “what I’ve been doing” as I can (and certainly more than I have of late), but there are definitely some subjects (music apparently being the big one, of the ones covered here so far) that do feel more at home on my other site. I think I’ll still keep referencing music in my writing and including songs here and there, as I have been, and if I pick up a record as part of a wider flea market trip that I talk about on the site, it’ll still get mentioned, but I’d definitely had it in my head to have wider music focus here initially (new music that I hear, concerts I go to, that sort of thing), but my brain directs those items to my other site, so they’ll live there. Hope that helps explain it on at least one front!

    1. They’re actually trickier to write about than one would think, Bo, but they’ll continue, especially when it warms up. I’ve also got some backlog to deal with from last summer, that I hope to get to soon. I can’t remember if I got pictures everywhere (I don’t think there was a ton I thought to photograph in Reykjavik’s big flea market), but I visited flea markets in three countries I’d never been to before.

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