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Picked this one up a couple of weeks ago at the same store I got The Enigma Variations at. (I’d give ’em a plug, but I don’t think they do mail order, and I gotta keep some sources private. Come visit, and I’ll take you!) I don’t listen to a ton of Nina Hagen these days, but she and especially this album were strong formative influences on me. (Does that explain anything?)

It’s on pretty thin paper, so it’ll have to be framed (I have a spot in mind for it already, once a room’s painted), but it’s in remarkably good shape for being likely legit 32, 33 years old (it doesn’t seem like a reprint).

(Good use of the mix tapes as paperweights here, right?)

2 thoughts on “Recent Poster Acquisition”

  1. I’m not the biggest fan of hers, but I absolutely love this poster! It’s kind of funny too, this the second Nina Hagen related post that I have seen in the last week, at this point in time what are the odds of that? Although the other post was considerably more negative in tone, basically just someone reminiscing about how disappointed they were with Ekstasy when it came out, and how the album was responsible for them losing all interest in her music. Of the two posts, I prefer yours 🙂

  2. It’s funny, I got totally on board not too long after “In Ekstasy” was released (though, by chance, I saw her on both Letterman and Merv as those appearances happened), probably summer ’86-ish, but being pretty young, I didn’t really get to hear a lot about the reaction to it as a record. In practical terms, I figured out that she lost her U.S. record deal not long after, and her stuff got a fair deal harder to track down from that point on (I still don’t have vinyl of “Fearless”, because I was lazy about it when I was younger). All I can really vouch for is how “Universal Radio” (particularly the remix, but the album version’s fine too) sounded to my then-12 year old ears, and it was pretty life-changing stuff in a lot of ways, even for being what was essentially a disco record.

    Nina comes up sometimes, though. Every once in a while, she sneaks back into the zeitgeist, makes a weird fish face and leaves.

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