Every new journey begins with a first step…

Ken Griffey Jr. baseball card

[Image Description: A custom Ken Griffey Jr. baseball card by Baseball Card Breakdown, in the style of 1991 ProSet Super Stars MusiCards. The card is a horizontal rectangular shape, with a yellow triangular upper right border, pink triangular lower left border with “KEN GRIFFEY, JR” written on it in black letters, the main photo in between those borders in what looks like a thick top left to bottom right diagonal line, and a black box in the bottom right hand corner with “Pro Set SUPER STARS MusiCards” written in white and purple letters, with a yellow star between “SUPER” and “STARS”. On the main picture of the card, baseball player Ken Griffey, Jr., a Black man with medium brown skin, visible from his ear and neck, and black hair, wearing a white Seattle Mariners baseball uniform with “GRIFFEY 24” written on the back, a blue undershirt, blue helmet, black batting gloves, black and white cleats, and carrying a black baseball bat behind him in his right hand, strides toward the on-deck circle, which has two bats and a rosin bag in it, on a clear day at Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington. In the background, baseball players, including one wearing a #3 uniform, are visible.]

Ken Griffey Jr. baseball card

[Image Description: a black box in the bottom right hand corner with “Pro Set SUPER STARS MusiCards” written in white and purple letters, with a yellow star between “SUPER” and “STARS”. A pink triangle with “KEN GRIFFEY, JR” written on it in black letters serves as the top border of the card, and two adjoined yellow triangles serve as the bottom border, with the main white space of the card forming a thick V shape. The main text of the card reads “There’s no denying the impact Ken Griffey Jr had on baseball in Seattle. The Mariners playoff run in 1995– highlighted by beating the Yankees in the ALDS– was due in large part to Junior’s performance down the stretch. The team’s play energized the city and helped secure a deal for a new stadium. The future security of a franchise long rumored to be on the move was locked up for years to come with the construction of Safeco Field, opening in 1999.” A black card number “24” is in the top right hand corner of the card, and at bottom left, along the left yellow triangle, a copyright notice reads “2020 Baseball Card Breakdown”.]

I think I did this right, or as best I could (both descriptions are a bit longer than I’m used to seeing these, but to use less text would leave out important information). To say that uniform standards for image descriptions are all over the place is a bit of an understatement, but I’m trying.

Anyway, it’s a lot of text, but now, people who come to this site will know what the images I’ve posted actually are. I can imagine that some of you are thinking “Wow, that’s a lot of extra work”, and it is, intimidatingly so, but, assuming that I’m doing it correctly, anyway (and please, reach out and politely tell me if I’m formatting this sort of thing incorrectly), it also means that people aren’t left out of what I do because they can’t see the pictures. I don’t know that I’m expecting everyone who reads this and has a website of their own to follow suit with this, but I’m gonna do my best, and of course, it’d be nice if people did follow suit.

To get to the other business at hand in this post, Gavin made this card, and, as I love the Super Stars MusiCards, I had to have one. It led to a trade where I got a few other great customs from Gavin, which I should be getting to in the much nearer future. They’re scanned already, and just need to be uploaded, described, and otherwise written about. I keep tellin’ y’all that regular posting is coming back, and gradually, it will be (I also have a big interview with a Second Life artist friend of mine just about finished, more cards scanned and ready to write about, and undoubtedly some other stuff to talk about), but I’m getting close here.

I should also mention that I have a slightly more general interest, but private Substack these days that’s seen A LOT of daily posts in this time between my posts here (yes, I’m cheatin’ on y’all). It doesn’t cost anything to join, but you cannot sign up by yourself. If you would like to sign up, please either let me know via email (including the address you’d like me to subscribe you at), or, if you feel comfortable putting that information in the comments, please do so.

Onto the next step!

4 thoughts on “Every new journey begins with a first step…”

  1. It is definitely not specifically a card thing. I’m reasonably sure I’ve mentioned cards in passing (I haven’t had a lot to report in the way of cards for the past few months, and I’ve been saving what I have for here, mostly), but I’ve also covered everything from neuropsychology to “Best of the Best from QVC Cookbook”. Music, movies, my personal life, professional wrestling, some current events, a little bit of baseball because even now, it’s unavoidable, video games…it’s a wild ride. The one thing I don’t spend a ton of time on, because it is a private space, filled entirely with people I know at least a little bit, are my political views, particularly where this election and those people are concerned. My feelings escape here and there on various topics, but by and large, the people reading it know how I feel already, and I’m trying to give them (and me, to be fair) at least a little refuge from the beating they take from Facebook and Twitter with everyone’s takes on that stuff.

  2. I remember reading something about Substack at some point, but never went and looked into it anymore. I can barely keep up with blogs, so something like that probably isn’t for me, at least not at this time. Hopefully you don’t get too sucked in, and will still be posting here from time to time.

    1. It’s reasonably likely that email notification on new posts here is going to turn into me emailing full posts soon, which is not all that different from what I’m doing over at Substack. I’ll definitely be posting here soon, I’ve got at least 3 posts lined up right now, but I have been posting daily over there, not to mention the 4 part series I did previewing the G1 Climax wrestling tournament this year. If things were a little less unwieldy with WordPress, I’d be doing the daily posting I’m describing on my other website, but making that website private may create a whole bunch of hassles with logins and such.

      In a perfect world, an absolutely perfect one, I’d have exactly one private (as in “no longer public-facing”) website at this point where all of this stuff was under one roof in different sections, and it’d be easy for my readers to login and comment without that awful Google and Facebook login crap, and easy for me to make new posts in the various, discrete sections, which are then emailed to the people who are specifically interested in those subjects so they know new stuff’s gone up, but also private enough for me to be way more “me” than I am here and elsewhere. I just want the Internet equivalent of people I’m friends with hanging out at my house. That should never be as hard as it’s become.

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