Decided on the music split!

So, in my last post, I mentioned that I wasn’t sure how I was handling music here, moving forward. Figured it out.

My other site (y’all can find me if you’re looking, or just ask privately; I just don’t want a link to it on this site, would like to have some separation between personal life and collecting hobbies) gets the current music coverage.

This site will continue to get the vinyl, legacy CDs (I still buy some new release CDs, and those will end up elsewhere, but I find older CDs on the regular that I pick up if I’m inclined), cassettes (haven’t bought a cassette in a few years, but I still have a lot, and at some point, we may cover them) and so forth!

In that spirit, here’s one of my most recent pickups…

This is The Enigma Variations, a two-record compilation of some of the best Enigma Records had to offer in 1985! I’ve had the cassette since the 1980s, but never had the LPs. I may go for the trifecta and get the CD at some point (this was a pretty formative compilation for me), but both vinyl and cassette have 6 extra tracks that I guess wouldn’t fit with CD running time.

Man, this compilation’s packed with good stuff. Here’s just a short list of my favorite artists on the comp, for those who don’t wanna click the Discogs link above:

The Jet Black Berries
Rain Parade
The Pandoras
45 Grave
Redd Kross
SSQ (later known more widely as Stacey Q and her band)

Super glad to have added this for a few bucks.