Greetings, adventure lovers.

Some of you definitely know who I am.

For those who don’t, my name is Scott.

This web site is about my hobbies, or will be, anyway.

I have had a bunch of other web sites, and have others at present, but they either don’t focus on anything, thus mixing my hobbies in with subjects people who want to read about someone’s hobbies don’t want to read about (including things like my personal history, political beliefs, and all sorts of other stuff you may not want to talk with someone about if you’re having a conversation at a hobby shop or hobby-focused convention), or they’re too hyper-focused, so they only talk about one of my hobbies.

Eventually, I’d like to merge the latter example with this site, but for now, it’ll exist in parallel with this one.

Everything you need to know about the current scope of this site is in the admittedly overly long description that used to be right below the title when I was at Blogger:

“This site is the ongoing story of a man and his hobbies, which he apparently needs more of (or at least different ones), despite already collecting toys, comic books, trading cards, books, video games, t-shirts, music, musical instruments and movies, as well as playing tabletop games, traveling, following some sports and keeping entirely too busy on the Internet, mostly doing nothing there.”

We’ll be talking about that stuff here. Sometimes, we’ll also be engaging in commerce of some sort related to it, be it bartering or cash sales. Please, no talk about how money somehow sullies the purity of what’s written here. Thank you in advance.

With that said, I should start to make regular posts within the next week or two, once I’ve got my scanner hooked up again. Welcome aboard.