2020 Hobby Goals Part I: What Goes Where

I’ve been trying to figure this out FOREVER, basically since I opened this site in 2016, and I think I’ve finally got it. This will be a rare case of me mentioning my other website, and, since I’m in the process of moving people there from other social media (I deleted my Facebook account a week ago), it will likely be an extremely rare case of me cross-posting some of the information from this post on both of my websites.

If you’re wondering why I don’t talk more about the other site, or perhaps didn’t know I had it, I created this site just under four years ago, because I wanted some more separation between my personal life and discussion of my hobbies. At that point in time, I only had one website, and worse, one Twitter account, so people who were going to either would see me ranting about politics and mental health, then talking about what cards Bo and I had traded in the next breath. It was disorienting and uncomfortable for me, so it was probably also a pretty rough experience for my readers, as well.

Without further adieu, this was what I came up with:

This Website:

Gaming Hobbies:

Fantasy Baseball
Tabletop Games
Video Games

Internet Hobbies:

Hobby and Gaming Websites/Apps
Second Life

Physical Artifact Collecting Hobbies:

Action Figures and Other Toys
Comic Books
Compact Discs/Records/Tapes/Etc.
Movies and Television (4K Blu-Rays/Blu-Rays/DVDs/VHS/Etc.)
Musical Equipment (Synthesizers, etc.)
Trading Cards

Note that what I write about these here will only cover the collection and acquisition of the above. In the future, at least after I finish “My Year in Hobbies 2019”, which has some review content and is already in progress, all reviews of anything like recorded or live music, movies, television and books will be on my other website.

Spectator Sports:

Professional Wrestling


Visits to Sellers of Artifacts
Sports Travel (Sporting Events, Museums, etc.)

My Other Website:


Personal Thoughts
Thoughts About What’s Happening in the Wider World
Archival Stuff from Older Websites/Social Media/etc. Except Anything from the Old Trading Card Website

Physical Artifact Collecting Hobbies:

Concert Set Lists and Ticket Stubs

Other Creative Things:

My Own Recorded Music
General Photography


Music (Recorded and Live)


Scenic Travel (Not Including Visits to Sellers of Artifacts, or the Sports Parts of Sports Travel)

For instance, in this case, if I traveled to Tokyo (and I hope to at some point in my life, and went to a New Japan Pro-Wrestling event, a NPB game, a video game store, and then actually saw a whole lot of Tokyo outside of my hobbies, the hobby stuff would be here, and the rest would be there.

You may also notice “Concert Set Lists and Ticket Stubs” on the list for the other site. The ticket stubs currently reside there, in a fairly large gallery. That gallery, despite being a gallery of physical artifacts, will most likely be staying put on the other site, and getting an update, as well. I thought about moving it, but that thought gave me a headache, so it’s out. To date, I’ve been posting physical set lists, when I get them, over here, but I think those will be moving to where the ticket stubs are. I’ve already changed my mind on this once, though, so stay tuned for more indecision.

I think this covers things, but we’ll consider this an evolving document, and if I need to adjust it over time, I will. Thanks for bearing with me as I sort things out!