The Last Card of 2019, and the First Card of 2020!

Hopefully, this ends up summing up the transition between years pretty well…

Here’s how 2019 ended, the last card I pulled from a box I got from Marc at Remember The Astrodome right at the end of the year…the rest of the really generous trade was MUCH more exciting (Thanks again, Marc!), and I’ll very likely circle back to some of it soon, but sets gotta get finished, even goofy ol’ 1989 Bowman (I never seem to find those $5 factory sets when I have money to burn on 1989 Bowman), and sometimes, you just gotta take your Wally Joyners where you can get ’em. He was the last face that emerged from the box, so he gets the honors for 2019.

1989 Bowman baseball card of Wally Joyner.
A 1989 Bowman baseball card of Wally Joyner. Against the backdrop of a blue sky, Angels 1st baseman Wally Joyner (center), a smiling man with white skin and brown hair in a blue, red, white and grey baseball uniform, swings a barely-visible baseball bat behind his back. A fascimile autograph of Wally Joyner’s appears across the bottom third of the card. The card has a white outer border, a red inner border, and a Bowman logo that resembles a baseball field (green field, brown outfield warning track) with a red B in the middle of it, with “Bowman” written in black letters around the edge of the outfield.

As the year began, I got another really awesome box of cards from Kerry at Cards on Cards, and this was the top card in the package, when I opened it.

A 2019 Panini Rookies baseball card of Vladimir Guerrero, Jr..
A 2019 Panini Rookies baseball card of Vladimir Guerrero, Jr.. Against a leathery textured brown, denim blue and beige background, Blue Jays 3rd baseman Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. (center), a man with black skin and blonde dreadlocks, wearing a blue and grey uniform, swings a beige baseball bat.

Kerry got me pretty covered on ’19 Vlad Juniors and a bunch of other stuff, so thanks again, Kerry!