I’m still alive.

I’ve just been busy.

I got married a week ago, we’ve got a honeymoon happening relatively soon, and most of this year’s been eaten by the planning of either those two things or home renovations.

I’ve been out at the markets plenty (Brimfield was fun this year, as was my home market’s season; I actually brought people there the morning after the wedding), I’ve got a bunch of stuff to share from those excursions as soon as I can properly come up for air, I even somehow managed to finish 2000 Topps Football in the middle of all of this chaos, and I’ll be trading again over the winter (Bo and I are trying to sneak one in as I type this, of course).

In the meantime, feel free to talk amongst yourselves, and here’s a Mego party. They’re back in business and making new figures, you know.  As a result, it’s gotten much busier around here since this post.

2 thoughts on “I’m still alive.”

    1. Y’know, marriage hasn’t done anything to collecting yet (my spouse and I are both collectors of various things), but wedding planning did a job on writing about collecting, just no time or energy to talk about my finds with y’all. I’ve got great stuff from MONTHS ago that I’ve been dying to post about, and now I’ve gotta go through my pictures again to find it all.

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