Believe It Or Not, I Forgot Stuff Yesterday

So, on Christmas day, someone named Alex Vars on the Bunt.Digital group on Facebook had a contest, to try and re-invigorate interest in the group (and Bunt). Entering the contest was easy, so I gave it a shot, and wouldn’t you know it, I won!

2018 Measures of Greatness Vladimir Guerrero “autograph”!

As you can see from the card back, this has a population of 35 instances, which now makes it my rarest Bunt digital card. I have lower-population cards on the other Topps Digital apps (Huddle, I’ve got some stuff under 10 cards, I think), but my Mark Buehrle Limited from whatever year that was (I have every Buehrle card on there except for the 1-of-1), which was numbered to 56, was the previous record holder.

Like a lot of other time sinks, I’ve barely gone near the Topps apps this year, and I’ve had strong feelings about trying to get rid of just about everything I can on them at times (just sparing my player collection stuff and maybe a few insert sets), while I still can, but if this ends up being the last great card I get from them, I’m cool with that.

Are any of you still doing the Topps apps, or am I the last one left?