Believe It Or Not, I Forgot Stuff Yesterday

So, on Christmas day, someone named Alex Vars on the Bunt.Digital group on Facebook had a contest, to try and re-invigorate interest in the group (and Bunt). Entering the contest was easy, so I gave it a shot, and wouldn’t you know it, I won!

2018 Measures of Greatness Vladimir Guerrero “autograph”!

As you can see from the card back, this has a population of 35 instances, which now makes it my rarest Bunt digital card. I have lower-population cards on the other Topps Digital apps (Huddle, I’ve got some stuff under 10 cards, I think), but my Mark Buehrle Limited from whatever year that was (I have every Buehrle card on there except for the 1-of-1), which was numbered to 56, was the previous record holder.

Like a lot of other time sinks, I’ve barely gone near the Topps apps this year, and I’ve had strong feelings about trying to get rid of just about everything I can on them at times (just sparing my player collection stuff and maybe a few insert sets), while I still can, but if this ends up being the last great card I get from them, I’m cool with that.

Are any of you still doing the Topps apps, or am I the last one left?


Let the finding of questionable material objects begin!

My haul was small by my standards. I didn’t buy this Pittsburgh Steelers oil painting (probably the best single random item I saw today, as the market’s waking up slowly this year), but I grabbed a couple things. Stand by for scans and pictures!

First up: the first original Mars Attacks card I’ve ever owned. Helluva card to start on, innit?

From burning cattle to sacrificial ones, here’s an Alex Rodriguez rookie I paid $2 for. Remember when that would’ve seemed unfathomable? The card isn’t as dirty as it looks, but my scanner sure is. Of course, with foil cards, all scans look like crap, so there you go…

A kinda roughed up Doctor J! No, this isn’t my scanner talking. (It was cheap, and it looked better at the market. Ah well.)

Then there’s this whack-ass Alien sticker. And, for some contrast…

…the sticker back!

John Glenn would’ve whupped that alien’s ass, and had some Pop Bottle Candy on his break!

And a Popsicle!

Finally, for more outer space fun, here’s Jean Michel Jarre’s “Oxygene” album!

A modest, but fun beginning to the season.