The Joy of a Completed Set


(Y’all can deal with the backs being in reverse order, because of how they’re in the pages, right? By the way, you can click on each of the pages of backs, if you’d like an easier time reading them.)

Huge, huge thanks to Stubby for his rather massive part in this.

Most of it happened over a year and a half ago, but I was planning a wedding and in poor health simultaneously (2018 really tried to kill me). I got the Gene Tunney back in September to wrap things up, but it took me almost 3 months to clear space in my life to scan everything. That’s done now.

Pretty cool set, isn’t it?

If anyone’s still working on the set, or looking to start on it, I have doubles of almost half the set (46 cards, including La Motta, Walcott, Robinson, Rocca, and Eagle), in what we’ll call “just happy to be here” shape. They are available for trade or, ideally, sale (though I’d have to price out what’s here). Drop me a line if you’re interested.

2 thoughts on “The Joy of a Completed Set”

  1. Where the heck are all of the congratulatory comments?!?! Finishing this set is a big-time accomplishment… I guess I’ll have to speak for everyone else when I say CONGRATULATIONS! So many big names in here, and so many wonderful images. I was very interested in building this set at one time, but with some big medical bills in my very near future, I’ll probably just have to be content with getting a few of my favorites, and call it good.

  2. Hope all’s relatively well on the “medical bills” front. Never fun, even when it’s something elective.

    As for favorites, I have 46 doubles left over from this undertaking. I have 3 trades in progress at the moment, but those are clearing out relatively quickly. We should talk some more about this.

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