Disco Era Dandies

Got ’em.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a flawed set, because it uses the wrong era team logos, pictures of the players in the wrong uniforms from the wrong eras (I’m pretty sure Bench is in a ’60s flannel uni, and everyone else except Lou Brock was photographed in the ’80s), and also because it’s a 6 card set instead of a 600 card set, but it’s still a lot of fun to look at. Had the last 2 cards I needed shipped from COMC a few weeks ago, just got around to scanning them before putting them away. I dunno if I’ll continue going after the Upper Deck Decade base set, I don’t find enough of the stuff to justify building the set and I’m trying not to buy sets outright (even if it’d make more sense in some cases) because I end up not digesting the sets, so to speak, when I do that, but I’m glad I got these inserts, at least.

6 thoughts on “Disco Era Dandies”

  1. Buying already completed sets has always seemed weird to me. I understand why people do it, but like you said, it doesn’t seem like you connect with it as much as you do when it’s put together by hand. I’ve never seen this set before, I really dig the colors. They almost look like they could’ve been stickers too.

    1. Sometimes, either because you got a deal, or because you can’t find enough of them to build otherwise, you gotta grab a set, but especially with bigger sets, it’s tough for me to really take it all in when I get the whole thing at once.

    1. For the life of me, I couldn’t place what year that was, I was trying to pin it to Seaver Part II, rather than the very short Seaver Part III, which I never remember as having happened until someone brings it up. That’s so weird, and cool in its own way, even if it’s wildly inappropriate for the insert set in question.

  2. “… and because it’s a 6-card set instead of a 600-card set.”

    Right on!

    The whole ’01 UD ’70s set is full of flaws but I still forgive it.

    1. I would be more forgiving if I could find the whole damn thing in a moment where I have the money (or cards) to drop on it.

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