Posts About Posts

1. “My Year In Hobbies 2019” is on the way, but as I couldn’t escape having it be super-complex, it’s taking a while. I’m into September on my draft. It may be a few more days at this rate (especially with Wrestle Kingdom 14 happening this weekend, and yes, that’s foreshadowing for this upcoming post, as well), but hopefully it’s worth your while, and not too overwhelming. For the long-timers who followed me here from the card site, there aren’t a ton of bubble gum cards in it (I do have a lot of hobbies), but they do make a fairly strong showing. Stay tuned!

2. Also on the “stay tuned” front, the separate post going over how I did on my goals for my hobbies from this past year (interestingly, my post about my year, despite having a bunch of highlights, is not very goal-oriented), and what my 2020 hobby goals are is also in the works and, amazingly, might not be super complicated to write up. It’ll be up next after the year in review post.

3. Because I really needed a distraction while I was putting these posts together, I have finally begun archiving what I feel are the best posts from the old card site, since I mentioned the possibility of doing so here, with new notes on the old posts as circumstances warrant. The first two are up now, and while they’re being added to this site at the original date and time they were posted on the old site, they can be found more easily by using the Classic Posts From The Old Card Site category. A link to that category will be permanently added to the sidebar shortly.

In the meantime, I hope you all had great holidays, or, if you don’t celebrate holidays, I hope you at least got some rest, peace and quiet while the other people were celebrating holidays.